June 20, 2012

RESIDENTS of one Co Donegal town are fighting back against criminal gangs – by filming their movements.

One Vauxhall-driving gang of burglars which tried to target the Fairgreen area of Letterkenny over the weekend was captured on film.

A number of residents have in recent days to report the movements of the criminals.

Gardai were called on a number of occasions as the local criminal gangs cased cars and homes in the area.

Residents watched as two suspects put on gloves and shone torches in and around homes in the area.

But what the would-be thieves didn’t know was that local people were watching and have armed themselves – with video cameras.

“We’ve just had enough and we have to fight back in some way. The guards were called and to be fair they came out all right but the boys just moved to another area and came back again and there aren’t enough guards anyway,” said one resident.

“If any of us sees anything dodgy going on now we film it, try to get registration numbers and images.”

Another resident said uploading video footage to the internet is one option being considered.

One unfortunate resident of Long Lane however was set upon when he attempted to stop the theft of a car. He was treated at Letterkenny General Hospital for his injuries.

One local man says residents must fight back by making it more difficult for the car thieves and burglars who are roaming parts of the Letterkenny at night.

“People must learn to lock their cars, lock their houses up and at least try to make it more difficult,” he said.

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